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Inside 1031 is your guide to the tax savings a 1031 like kind exchange provides. You’ll learn about the requirements and rules for an exchange. Once you’re ready, we’ve vetted hundreds of qualified intermediaries who can guide you in the process.

If you are looking to get out of property maintenance, we have recommendations for DST and TIC replacement properties as well.

Not sure what all of that means yet? Visit the Inside 1031 blog to learn more about the 1031 like kind exchange. If you’re ready to get connected with a qualified intermediary, get help today. You can find an expert in your area within minutes.



How to Find a Qualified Intermediary You Can Trust – The Comprehensive Guide

By now, you’ve like realized the inevitable: You need a qualified intermediary for your 1031 exchange. For one, the IRS says that an exchange is only “safe harbor” when there’s a facilitator involved. Second, 1031 exchanges are tough. There are...

8 Best 1031 Exchange Companies 2020

click hereto get connected with a 1031 exchange expert You’ve decided a 1031 exchange is right for you. Your investment property has appreciated, and you want to get chips off the table. Or, you’re looking to “trade-up” and use the sale money...

1031 Exchange for Dummies – Your Definitive Guide to Rules, Tax Deferral, Timelines

The rules for a 1031 exchange (also called Like-Kind or Starker exchange) can seem complicated and a little bit scary. This guide walks through the requirements, rules, options, and various examples. You’ll know why real estate investors love the tax benefits of...

Depreciation Recapture On Rental Property and Calculator – Avoid the Painful IRS with a 1031 Exchange

don't pay Depreciation recapture taxesClick here to get connected with a 1031 exchange expert call (94​​9) 409-6585 If you’re like some real estate investors, you’d never heard of depreciation recapture on rental property until your first property went up...

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